• The Aerospace International Research Center, GmbH was established in the end of 2013. We are an international team that has extensive experience working in the high-tech industry, in large and small startups from all over the world. With us are shareholders, partners, and colleagues who have decades of experience in the development and production of systems, equipment and tools which successfully operate in countries including the USA, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Switzerland, Israel, South Korea, India, China, Brazil and etc.

    AIRC is based in Vienna, where the headquarters of the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space are also located.

    It is our main belief that today, everyone working in the aerospace industry should be considering new goals, new tasks, and new ideas.


  • Last year, we began publishing our new space journal, ROOM. We chose this particular name to reflect our belief that we should think of space as more than just a faraway, alien world - it is also a world that humanity is part of. We wish ROOM to be a place for discussion among civilian and military specialists on all things space, as well as a place where serious problems about how to preserve our planet from both manmade and external threats can be addressed.

    The first issue of the journal made its debut at the Farnborough Air Show, which was held from 14 to 20 of July 2014.


Igor Ashurbeyli Founder & Owner

Igor Ashurbeyli studied Computer Science with a focus on Automatisation of Control Systems and Large Databases, Radar and Laser Systems. He has a PhD in Engineering with a specialisation in Computer Science. He is also a Doctor of Science in Engineering and a space defence industry leader. In 2010, he was awarded Russia's State Science & Technology Prize , given to him for achievements in the development and use of a new generation of micro-technology communications systems, and controls for mobile air defence systems and critical facilities. The State Science & Technology Prize is the highest honour a Russian scientist can achieve. In 2013 he founded AIRC and became Editor-in-Chief of ROOM , a space journal and discussion platform for scientists, engineers, and space industry leaders

Mikhail Spokoyny CEO, Managing Director

Mikhail Spokoyny studied Thermal Physics, Laser and Satellite Energy Systems at universities in Odessa and Moscow before receiving his PhD in 1984 from the Leningrad (St. Petersburg) Institute of Fine Mechanics and Optics. In 2001, he moved to the U.S., first as a visiting scholar at UCLA, later holding various scientific and development positions throughout the state of California. He also worked in the Mechanical Department of Drexel University as Research Professor and Research Director. He has more than 10 U.S. patents and more than 80 scientific publications. In 2013 he moved to Vienna to run the Aerospace International Research Center, GmbH.

Lena De Winne Director

e Winne holds an MSc in engineering from Moscow Power Engineering University, an MBA from European University in The Hague, and a PhD in psychology from California Southern University. After fifteen years of a successful career at the European Space Agency (ESTEC, The Netherlands), where she worked in business development, liaison, promotion and education, she published several popular books in English and Russian on the topic of space for children and adults, and hosted a television program in Belgium.

Jörg Winkler Legal Advisor

Dr. Jörg Winkler is senior partner of Hasberger_Seitz & Partner Rechtsanwälte GmbH (www.hsp-law.at) since 2008. He is a graduate of the University of Vienna Law School and spent part of his studies and research for his doctoral thesis at the Università di Roma „La Sapienza“.He worked with various renowned Law Firms in Austria. Main fields of Dr. Winkler's practice are Corporate Law and Contract Law.


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